[Gluster-users] GlusterFS & XenServer Baremetal

Alexandre Emeriau cloudbeans at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 00:21:45 UTC 2009


What is for you the best GlusterFS scenario in using XenServer (i'm not
talking about Xen on a linux but XenServer baremetal) for a web farm
(Apache-Tomcat) ? I were thinking of using ZFS as the filesystem for the
different nodes.

The objectives/needs :

* A storage cluster with the capacity equal to at least 1 node(assuming all
nodes are the same).
* being able to lose/take down any one brick in the cluster at any time
without a loss of data.
* more than the throughput of a single server, if not in overall speed, then
in width.
* being able to add more bricks in and have the expectation of increased
storage capacity and throughput.
* present the storage as a single entity

I saw the GlusterFS for Archlinux so maybe an interesting solution for
Xenserver as it uses archlinux but by also probably loosing the AFS use and
its advantages.

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