[Gluster-users] Regarding 2.0.4 booster

Sudipto Mukhopadhyay Sudipto.Mukhopadhyay at openwave.com
Tue Jul 14 06:24:52 UTC 2009



I trying to run some tests w/booster client library and I had to upgrade
the glusterfs to version 2.0.4 from 2.0.2 (due to LD_PRELOAD failures of
the booster client library,


Now, w/version 2.0.4 the LD_PRELOAD works OK, but the booster logs are
not generating and I am not sure whether booster is working or, not. 

I have the following booster.conf and client vol specification:


$cat /etc/glusterfs/booster.conf 

/etc/glusterfs/glusterfs-client.vol /mnt/glusterfs glusterfs



$cat /etc/glusterfs/glusterfs-client.vol 

volume brick

        type protocol/client

        option transport-type tcp/client # for TCP/IP transport

        option remote-host   # IP address of the server

        option remote-subvolume afr      # name of the remote volume



volume writebehind

        type performance/write-behind

        option window-size 1MB

        subvolumes brick




I have written a simple program to test few system calls and the booster

int main() {


    int fh;

    char buffer[65];


    fh = open("/mnt/glusterfs/abc.txt",O_WRONLY);

    if (fh == -1) {

        fh = creat("/mnt/glusterfs/abc.txt",O_WRONLY);


    printf ("File handle %d\n",fh);



    return 0;



When I run my program with LD_PRELOAD option, I get the following



[2009-07-13 16:19:02] E [libglusterfsclient.c:2447:glusterfs_glh_open]
libglusterfsclient: path lookup failed for (/abc.txt)

File handle 4


And there is no /tmp/booster.log created. The above log is only observed
while creating the file (in case abc.txt is not present). 

Could you please advice on the booster config file and let me know why I
am not seeing any booster log? 


Appreciate your help. 


Thanks and regards,





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