[Gluster-users] Archive integrity with hasing

Jeffry Molanus jeffry.molanus at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 20:34:56 UTC 2009

Hi all,

I've been using a CAS based storage solution for archiving and one of
the features that makes it an solution for archiving is the fact that it
has a mechanism in order to determine if the hash of the object (file)
is the same as on first write. The system uses replication for "HA", and
is a node based cluster implementation with a database containing the
meta data. 

When the file is read from disc, the system performs calculation of the
hash; and checks if it matches the database. If this fails the copy of
the file that has been created during replication is checked. If this
one matches a new copy it is replicated and the damages file/disk is
deleted/retired and I have to working copies again. (if both fail: data

Another reason that the system is usable for archiving is because by
means of the hash, it can be determined if the file changed during
initial commit/write. This of course is not 100% safe, but it does add
to the "integrity" of the archive.

Is there any kind of support for this kind of extra checking in

Regards, Jeffry 

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