[Gluster-users] cloud config with multiple internal drives

Anand Avati avati at zresearch.com
Tue Feb 10 13:43:00 UTC 2009

> I'm trying to come up with a working configuration for some machines as
> follows:
> - each is a client and a server and can see all the other nodes' storage and
> its own
> - each has 4 identical hard drives
> - replication (one or possibly two replicas)
> - high availability (continues to function if one replicated node of a pair
> goes down)
> It's something like the example configuration with NUFA/unify, but with
> replication across nodes and HA too.
> Any suggested configuration? Just a general explanation of the setup is
> fine.
> All my efforts so far have resulted in error messages about dht anomalies
> with "holes=1, overlaps=1" in the logs. I'm using 2.0.0rc1.

Is it possible that you were re-using a backend directory which was
once used with another configuration of distribute? Please retry by
using a freshly mkdir'ed export directory in posix.


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