[Gluster-users] cloud config with multiple internal drives on each node

Keith Freedman freedman at FreeFormIT.com
Sun Feb 8 07:44:45 UTC 2009

At 08:27 PM 2/5/2009, Craig Flockhart wrote:
>I'm trying to come up with a working configuration for some machines 
>as follows:
>- each is a client and a server and can see all the other nodes' 
>storage and its own
>- each has 4 identical hard drives
>- replication (one or possibly two replicas)
>- high availability (continues to function if one replicated node of 
>a pair goes down)

you want to use replicate to achieve ha
and nufa/unify to present a larger filesystem than you could have on 
a single node.

>It's something like the example configuration with NUFA/unify, but 
>with replication across nodes and HA too.
>Any suggested configuration? Just a general explanation of the setup is fine.
>All my efforts so far have resulted in error messages about dht 
>anomalies with "holes=1, overlaps=1" in the logs. I'm using 2.0.0rc1.

you could post your config and someone will likely evaluate it, but 
off the top of my head I'd think something like this would work:
volume replicate1:  remotedisk1, remotedisk2
volume replicate2: remotedisk3, remotedisk4
volume dht: replicate1 replicate2

on replicate1or2, set read-subvolume to whichever remotedisk# is on 
the local server just so you have some performance improvements on 
reads some of the time.

so, if remotedisk2 server fails then replicate1 will be broken but 
will read from remotedisk1

the other option is an opposite config which is possibly easier to 
debug, but deficient in my mind.

volume dht1: remotedisk1, remotedisk2
(get this working by itself, then ...)
volume dht2: remotedisk3, remotedisk4
(get this working by itself, then combine dht1 and dht2 into the same 
config and add...)
volume replicate: dht1 dht2

I do NOT prefer this config because you don't get the advantage of 
setting the local read volume on replicate., also, if remotedisk2 
fails, then i'm not sure what dht1 will do, it may work and deliver 
the files it can and store the files it can, or it may fail and 
you're working with only 2 devices instead of 3.


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