[Gluster-users] How files are synchronized

Yan Fu yanfu2008 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 23 12:40:44 UTC 2009


I am a new GlusterFS user. I set up a replicated folder on two computers.
When both are running, I can see that the folder on both computers are
synchronized with each other as I write files to it. However, when I
shutdown one:

1) File operations, like "ls" command, take time to finish on the running
computer at first. But after this the dely disappears.
2) I continue to update some existing files on the running computer. Then I
bring back the other one. For small files, the changes are reflected on the
restarted computers very quickly. But for big files, it gets very slow to
get the changes replicated. If I also happen to update the same file on the
always running computer, both commands on the big file get stuck for a  long

Both will be a problem if I use such a system as a backend to build some
high-volme services because there are always many requests for a same file
at same time. Could somebody help me here? Is it possible that I have some
wrong configurations? They are generated with "glusterfs-volgen -name
repstore1 --raid 1 jaunty2:/export/sdb1 jaunty3:/export/sdb1". I use
GlusterFS version 2.0.8.


- Yan

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