[Gluster-users] big IO problem with kvm iamges while ionice doesnt work on shared storage

Ran smtp.test61 at gmail.com
Sat Dec 19 14:00:01 UTC 2009

Hi all ,
We run into a big problem while using gluster(2.0.6) to serve kvm
images and other stuff like mail storage in distrubted mode with only
1 server(we will add more in the future) .

The problem is basicly when say 3 KVM VPS's using intesing IO applications
It doesnt happen all the time but when happen it uses all gluster server IO
and other servers that need access to the mail storage for example freezes .

Normaly on local disk the sulotion is ionice but as i understand it
only work on local block devices and not on network mounts .

Anyone has any idea to overcome this e.g limit IO for clients or
clients applications like kvm images ? this is a real IO problem wich
makes the all storage crowl .

Many thanks ,

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