[Gluster-users] Adding bricks to DHT

Roland Rabben roland at jotta.no
Sun Dec 6 17:28:53 UTC 2009

My problem is that I can't change directory names without a lot of hassle.
We have a hashed directory structure in our application that we rely on
GlusterFS to store.

Is there a way of copying files behind GlusterFS' back and have GlusterFS
pick up on the change with a self heal?

It seems that a system designed for scalability should tolerate eh... being


2009/12/6 Vahriç Muhtaryan <vahric at doruk.net.tr>

> One idea , docs said that you should create new directory. Could you create
> a new directory after add another server and copy files from old directory
> to new one, then everything will be distributed.
> I know that glusterfs do not have reallocation mechanism for distribute
> data to new added bricks for achive performance and capcity problem.
> *Now the question is what about adding a new server?
> Currently hash works based on directory level distribution. i.e, a given
> file's parent directory will have information of how the hash numbers are
> mapped to subvolumes. So, adding new node doesn't disturb any current setup
> as the files/dirs present already have its information preserved. Whatever
> new directory gets created, will start considering new volume for scheduling
> files.
> Regards
> Vahric
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> Hi
> I have a GlusterFS DHT system that I need to expand in a few days. Reading
> up on the documentation it seems to me that adding bricks won't solve our
> problem because of how the hash works.
> I have a fairly static folder structure, but the number of files are
> growing fast. From what I understand, adding bricks will not allow new files
> to be stored on the new bricks unless they are stored in new directories.
> So my questions are:
> 1. How can I make sure the new bricks are used?
> 2. Is there a way to "rebalance" content over the new and old bricks?
> I can't tolerate much downtime on my FS.
> I am using GlusterFS 2.06.
> Regards
> Roland Rabben

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