[Gluster-users] source from TLA ?

Daniel Maher dma+gluster at witbe.net
Tue Sep 23 12:20:45 UTC 2008

Hi all,

Noting that the ChangeLog file in the 1.3.12 source states only the 
following :
ChangeLog is maintained by "tla changelog".

I quickly installed tla from the ubuntu repository and attempted to 
follow the instructions on this page :

I say attempt, because i only got to step two before failing :
$ tla get -A gluster at sv.gnu.org glusterfs--mainline--BRANCH glusterfs
get: invalid revision spec (glusterfs--mainline--BRANCH)

I guess i might have cut and pasted the step wrong, though i find that 
unlikely. ;P  I've never touched tla before (i'm an svn guy myself), so 
i'm not sure whether this is my fault, or a problem with the repository.

Daniel Maher <dma+gluster AT witbe DOT net>

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