[Gluster-users] Deployment (round 2)

Paolo Supino paolo.supino at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 19:13:32 UTC 2008


   now that I have a new shiney parallel filesystem :-) I want to take  
it a step forward (the fun never ends ;-) ) ...
   A few words on my HPC cluster:
1. The private network between the compute nodes, head and toaster  
(Netapp FAS 2020) is Gigabit Ethernet.
2. The toaster exports 2.1 and 5.1 TB volumes served over NFSv3 (ouch..)
3. Only the head node is multi homed and connected to the faculty  
network, where the researchers are ...

   What I thought of doing:
1. Re export the toaster using iSCSI.
2. Mount the iSCSI exports on the head and add them to the gluster  
volume. This is pretty straight forward :-) and voilà I have a uniform  
9.3TB volume ...
3. The last part is the tricky part that I still have to figure out:  
have the researchers be able to be gluster clients of this volume  
without exposing the private network to the faculty network (I don't  
want to NFS export it)


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