[Gluster-users] Looking for configuration suggestions

Vikas Gorur vikas at zresearch.com
Mon Oct 27 11:43:52 UTC 2008

2008/10/26 Matt Lawrence <matt.lawrence at tamu.edu>:
> I am in the process of completely overhauling the storage setup here and
> plan to go to glusterfs.

Good to hear. It'll help us to recommend a configuration to you
if we know more about how you're going to use the storage cluster.

> The storage involved is 8x Coraid units, 2x JetStor and a Dell MD3000.
> The Coraid and JetStor are network connected via ATA over Ethernet &
> iSCSI.  The disks are also being upgraded to 1TB in the process.  I do
> plan to use unify to bring most if not all the storage together.
> My first question is that since these units are over 12TB after being
> RAIDed, should I divide them up into smaller bricks or just use the
> entire 12TB+ as one brick?

It makes sense to split up your storage into multiple bricks, atleast one
per disk. This way access can proceed concurrently on many disks.

> What other things should I consider?

Configuring GlusterFS for optimum performance would have to be done knowing
the kind of load you expect. What sort of applications will be running?
What are their data access patterns? (mostly reads? mostly writes? small files?
huge files? etc.)

Do you need redundancy (replication)?

> Thanks for the help!
> -- Matt

Vikas Gorur
Engineer - Z Research

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