[Gluster-users] connection refused with AFR single process (1.3.8pre)

Ilan Berci Ilan.Berci at shoutresearch.com
Wed Nov 19 16:26:55 UTC 2008


Thank you kindly for your quick response and I am actually starting to feel a lot better as your approach was identical to mine and you validated to me that I am indeed crazy ( my wife confirms this nightly) .. I did run netstat and indeed nothing is listening on that port.. 

In the end, it turns out that I am an idiot once again.. When I read AFR single process, I understood it as "Single Process" whereby I only had to run glusterfs and be done with it.. but I was wrong, by single process, it means that it is combining the glusterfs client ops with the glusterfs server ops BUT YOU STILL NEED TO FUN glusterfsd no matter what.   

Once I run both process's, I am getting files from both posix's to replicate to the mount point on one machine which is closer than what I had initially.. 

Thanks once again for your quick response.. 

and to think I was proud of myself because I read the RTFM this time.. :)  


If you telnet to machine2 and get connection refused that means that either:
 * there is no service running on the remote machine
 * the firewall on the remote machine refuses the connection with -j
REJECT --reject-with tcp-reset (or something like that)

On the "server" side:
 * Check if the service is running --
        netstat -lntp | grep 699
   Failing this review /var/log/glusterfsd.log
 * Review the firewall rules
        iptables-save -c | less
   The counters will change if you hit a rule.


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