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Raghavendra G raghavendra.hg at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 15:36:35 UTC 2008

Hi Jonathan,
comments are inlined.

On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 7:17 PM, Jonathan Endersby
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> Hi All
> I've been looking for something like Gluster for a while and stumbled on it
> today via the wikipedia pages on Filesystems etc.
> I have a few very very simple questions that might even be too simple to be
> on the FAQ, but if you think any of them are decent please add them there.
> I think it might help if I start with what I want to achieve, then ask the
> questions. We want to build a high uptime, storage solution that can scale
> easily, but we want to do it on the cheap, with normal SATA disks and
> "consumer" motherboards etc. We'll use GigE to connect the nodes.
> Performance is not such a big criteria since the required throughput is
> nothing spectacular.
> Based on what I've read I think we should use:
> 1. Unify translator (to present one big FS to my systems master server)
> 2. AFR (to make my data redundant ... I'd like to try and avoid using RAID
> on the nodes.)


> So my questions are:
> 1. Is there anything blindingly wrong with what I'm suggesting?


> 2. Should I use AFR to achieve redundancy?


> 2. What is the minimum number of machines/bricks in the cluster that will
> support data redundancy with AFR?


> 3. The AFR docs seem to indicate that it keeps a copy of the file on
> *every* node... isn't that wasting a lot of space? I really just need 2
> copies or three copies so that one node or 2 nodes can go down at a time.

afr has to be configured with as many children as the number of copies of
the file has to be present. Hence as per your requirements, you can have
only 2 or 3 nodes as children of afr and have the rest as children of unify.

> I'm sure I'll have lots more questions but for now that should point me in
> the right direction.
> Regards
> J.
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Raghavendra G
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