[Gluster-users] Exlcude subdirectories from AFR

Basavanagowda Kanur gowda at zresearch.com
Sun Nov 16 04:57:27 UTC 2008

  You can use unify over afr. And use switch translator to schedule your log
files to a subvolume which does not replicate (without afr) and rest of the
files to afr.

volume unify
  type cluster/unify
  option scheduler switch
  option switch.case <pattern>:<non-replicated-subvolume>;*:<afr-subvolume>
  option namespace <namespace>
  subvoumes <non-replicated-subvolume> <afr-subvolume>


On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 2:32 PM, claudiu ciurdariu <clauc_007 at yahoo.com>wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I'm trying to implement AFR across 2 servers and I was wondering if there
> is any option that would allow me to exclude some subdirectories from
> replicating each other. Say I have a directory structure like this:
> /var/www/domain1/htdocs
> /var/www/domain1/logs
> /var/www/domain2/htdocs
> /var/www/domain2/logs
> ....
> I want to AFR /var/www across the 2 servers, but exclude the logs
> directories from replication. Is there any translator that would help me
> achieve that?
> Any help is appreciated.
> Claudiu
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