[Gluster-users] Lingering files

Arend-Jan Wijtzes ajwytzes at wise-guys.nl
Sat Nov 15 19:06:43 UTC 2008

On Sat, Nov 15, 2008 at 09:57:18PM +0530, Anand Avati wrote:
> >
> > Every now and then I see files that are still there after having called
> > unlink() on them with GlusterFS version 1.4.0-pre5. No AFR just unify.
> > Is this a known issue or should I try to collect more data?
> >
> Were any server disconnected at the time of unlink? can you check the logs
> of the client during the time of unlink?

The system has been running normal. No errors to the client. There are 
errors in the logs but none about the 'ghost' files.

I'll try to reproduce/isolate the problem and run Gluster with debug
logging early next week and will get back to you then.


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