[Gluster-users] SPAM WARNING!: Transport is not connected

Aleynikov, Serge Serge.Aleynikov at gs.com
Tue Nov 11 19:08:20 UTC 2008

Sorry for noise - found solution in the troubleshooting guide.
Does glusterfs client need to run as a root user?


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	When I a start a glusterfs client and kill it.  An attempt to
restart the glusterfs client process fails with the error below.  It
looks like the channel glusterfs uses to communicate with fuse is not
released.  If I use a different directory argument when I start a client
glusters process it starts fine.

	Is there a way to clean up resources so that a restart of client
glusterfs wouldn't fail? 

	$ /usr/local/sbin/glusterfs -f ./client_test.vol -N -l
/dev/stdout --log-level=DEBUG /tmp/local 

	2008-11-11 12:48:46 D [xlator.c:115:xlator_set_type] xlator:
attempt to load file

	fuse: failed to access mountpoint /tmp/local: Transport endpoint
is not connected 
	2008-11-11 12:48:46 E [fuse-bridge.c:2699:init] glusterfs-fuse:
fuse_mount failed (Transport endpoint is not connected) 

	2008-11-11 12:48:46 E [glusterfs.c:547:main] glusterfs:
Initializing FUSE failed 

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