[Gluster-users] Video Surviellance Application

Wayne A. Green wgreen at bbtconsulting.com
Mon Nov 10 12:27:08 UTC 2008

Any idea onb the write performance across the mountpoints... The clients will be a windows 2003 servers?


Wayne A. Green

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2008/11/9 Wayne A. Green <wgreen at bbtconsulting.com>:

>  We are working on a project that requires replication of video
>  archives across a gigE network. The application will provide storage
>  for high definition video surveillance in the data center with
>  replication of all information to a remote data center. The remote
>  data center is accessible via gigE networks. We would like the
>  cameras to send images across the gigE networks to replicated
>  glusterFS servers. There will be constant writing of
>  information. Has this application been explored with GlusterFS? Does
>  anyone have any insight?

The AFR translator in GlusterFS is designed for this very purpose.
When you use it, everything your applications write to files
on the GlusterFS mountpoint will be replicated to a configurable
number of remote servers.

> Thanks,
> Wayne A. Green

Vikas Gorur
Engineer - Z Research

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