[Gluster-users] {Disarmed} Unify very slow for 2000 query to cluster / s

Tom Lahti toml at bitstatement.net
Thu Nov 6 22:11:03 UTC 2008

Streaming fast but directory searches slow = classic filesystem bottleneck.

With 3 million files?  What's the filesystem underneath your glusterfs?  It
isn't JFS is it?  It is well known that JFS performance degrades linearly
with number of files in the filesystem.  XFS isn't particularly fast either
(for directory searches).  You could try to mount with noatime but this will
only give marginal improvement.

For 3 million files, you probably want ext3 with dir_index option instead.

I have 20 million+ files on ext3 with dir_index and its rocket fast to
locate any file, even when not cached.  "ls -l" in any random directory is
practically instant.

duclm.vn at gmail.com wrote:
> I run streaming 5Gbps normal, but if run 'ls -l' in directory mount
> glusterfs then all system very slow.

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