[Gluster-users] software raid performance

baggio liu baggioss at gmail.com
Thu Jun 12 01:04:16 UTC 2008

Hi Matt:
      Can I have the detail comfig of your cluster?? like node number,
config of client and server ??  and so on.


2008/6/12 Matt Brown <mattbrown.lists at lamphost.net>:

> Are there known performance issues with using glusterfs on software raid?
> I've
> been playing with a variety of configs (AFR, AFR with Unify) on a two
> server
> setup. Everything seems to work well, but performance (creating files,
> reading files, appending to files) is very slow. Using the same configs on
> two non-software raid machines shows significant performance increases.
> Before I go a undo the software raid on these machines, can anyone confirm
> if
> there are known performance issues with software raid? Or if I should be
> hunting down other differences between the two environments (there may be
> other differences such as kernel versions, 64bit vs 32bit, etc.)? In both
> environments I'm using 1.3.9.
> Thanks,
> Matt Brown
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