[Gluster-users] software raid performance

Matt Brown mattbrown.lists at lamphost.net
Wed Jun 11 22:59:03 UTC 2008

Are there known performance issues with using glusterfs on software raid? I've 
been playing with a variety of configs (AFR, AFR with Unify) on a two server 
setup. Everything seems to work well, but performance (creating files, 
reading files, appending to files) is very slow. Using the same configs on 
two non-software raid machines shows significant performance increases. 
Before I go a undo the software raid on these machines, can anyone confirm if 
there are known performance issues with software raid? Or if I should be 
hunting down other differences between the two environments (there may be 
other differences such as kernel versions, 64bit vs 32bit, etc.)? In both 
environments I'm using 1.3.9.

Matt Brown

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