[Gluster-users] Still having problems with non-healing files

Will Rouesnel supremeoverlordofcreation at gmail.com
Wed Jul 30 14:42:29 UTC 2008

Taking extreme measures, I went through my home directory and deleted all
the files from the underlying storage bricks which refused to self-heal and
then allow them to repropagate via unison.
This seemed to work for a while, however while running the latest TLA code
I've all of a sudden got exactly the same problem back on the exact same
files. Log  (which includes spec files) is attached. 
Unison is running via an SSH login to my personal user account, so I don't
think that's the problem - this seems to be some type of persistent bug. 
I'm also having some rather more disturbing issues of data going missing for
no good reason - while it's possible a user is deleting it, it seems pretty
unlikely. Are there any circumstances under which this could happen without
actual delete commands being issued? 
- Will Rouesnel
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