[Gluster-users] AFR'd Namespace sets creation time on directory to 1970

Markus Gerstner m.gerstner at bmiag.de
Fri Jul 18 09:12:55 UTC 2008

Heya Mailing-List,

we're using an AFR'd Namespace with one subvolume on each server in the FS, client-configuration as follows:
volume backup-afr-ns 
	type cluster/afr 
	subvolumes backup-ns1 backup-ns2 backup-ns3 backup-ns4 

The namespace-volumes are stored on XFS, clients and servers use debian. XFS is mounted with "noatime"-Option.
Data-Volumes are stored on ext3 with noatime and user_xattr.

We set it up like that to ensure redundancy on the namespace without being dependant on the clients. Maybe this is not the proper way to use a namespace, if so, please let me know.

Should it be the proper way, I'd like to ask why the date on one directory suddenly changed to 1970-01-01. The date is still correct in the data-volumes of the servers but set to 1970 on all servers' namespace-volumes. Unfortunately, the "fix" from the devel-mailinglist, using "head -1 * > /dev/null" does not apply here for obvious reasons.

Is there a way to resync the namespace and reset the date or - even better - a way to prevent this from happening again? :-)


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