[Gluster-users] No directory attributes after kill gluster

Vikas Gorur vikas at zresearch.com
Sun Jul 13 19:46:51 UTC 2008

Excerpts from burkett.andrew's message of Sun Jul 13 06:47:32 +0530 2008:
> If I kill the gluster process, the directory it was mounted to loses its
> attributes, with everything showing up as ?'s when running "ls -l".  Is this
> a known issue with 1.3.9?  Is there anyway to reset those attributes, so
> that I can remount to that directory without a reboot. (It gives the
> "Transport Not connected error" if I try to remount to that directory.)
>  Just curious.

If you simply kill the GlusterFS process, it is not cleanly unmounted.
Do a "umount <mountpoint>" before trying to start GlusterFS again.

Z Research

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