[Gluster-users] Mounting glusterfs through NAT?

Vikas Gorur vikas at zresearch.com
Tue Jul 8 11:34:43 UTC 2008

Excerpts from Arnulf Heimsbakk's message of Tue Jul 08 13:54:39 +0530 2008:

> Can glusterfs be mounted through NAT? Do I need some special configuration?

If you use IP based authentication, it is required that the client be bound
to a priviliged port, which is getting clobbered due to NAT in your case.

The solution is to use username/password based authentication. In your
protocol/server add:

    option auth.login.brick1.allow  user1,user2
    option auth.login.user1.password user1-password
    option auth.login.user2.password user2-password

And in your protocol/client volume add:

    option username user1
    option password user1-password
    option remote-subvolume brick1

Be aware that the username and password will be sent across the network in
plain text.

> Arnulf

Vikas Gorur

Code coolie, Z Research

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