[Gluster-users] About use AFR

admin at hostyle.it admin at hostyle.it
Sun Dec 28 19:18:41 UTC 2008

Dear All,
I have a probably stupid question....

I have some virtual machine gived by Xen.
Virtualized O.S. run in a phisical disk.
All work fine but I want make this system scalable.
GlusterFs appear very perfect for me!

Now, I want create storage system as a repository
for Xen image files, and use GlusterFS with AFR
Image files used for virtualized O.S. have minimum 10Gb files size.

I does not have a very cleaned idea of how AFR work....
....and my question are if this configuration are optimal for
this use.

Or, in case my idea is poor, where are a optimal configuration
for my case?

Many thanks,


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