[Gluster-users] Abnormally large number of Open files with Glusterfs

Chandranshu . chandranshu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 17 11:09:46 UTC 2008


I am using glusterfs to provide storage for a web server. The current server
in question had been running for around 20 days now without requiring any
intervention. However, the performance was degrading over the last week and
it became completely unresponsive today. The panic button was pressed when
we realized that not only glusterfs but all other processes on that machine
were not responsive and trying to restart any service resulted in the error
- "Too many files open."
Doing an lsof showed over 115000 files open of which glusterfs was
responsible for around 112000.  Checking the list of files opened by
glusterfs, i was surprisd to see that glusterfs had opened same files again
and again and again. More surprisingly, most of these file descriptors were
for directories rather than files. Is it a fall off from some book keeping?
Or are a new file descriptor is always opened by glusterfs irrespective of
whether a previous one already exists or not?

Also, can someone suggest a good time interval after which to restart
glusterfsd or if there is already a mechanism in place to ask glusterfsd to
release the open file descriptoes?

Thanks and regards
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