[Gluster-users] Unabel to load glusterfsd

claudiu ciurdariu clauc_007 at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 13 16:05:54 UTC 2008


I'm using the configuration examples from http://www.gluster.org/docs/index.php/Automatic_File_Replication_(Mirror)_across_Two_Storage_Servers with glusterfs 1.4.0pre13 - glusterfs--mainline--3.0--patch-684 on 3 servers running Gentoo linux.

When I try to run the daemon, I get the following error:

# glusterfsd -f /etc/glusterfs/server.vol 
volume 'bricks', line 7: type 'features/locks' is not valid or not found on this machine
error in parsing volume specfile /etc/glusterfs/server.vol

Any idea what going wrong?


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