[Gluster-users] Fwd: AFR healing problem after returning one node.

Rash rash at konto.pl
Thu Dec 11 11:18:40 UTC 2008

czw, 11 gru 2008, 14:54:38 +0400, Raghavendra G napisał(a):
> self heal is triggered when a lookup from pathname to inode happens. Both ls
> and cat file dont result in lookup on the directoy test. Hence self-heal is
> not perfromed. Can you try the following sequence of commands on client?
> /home/raghu/mnt/# ls
> file
> /home/raghu/mnt # rm file
> /home/raghu/mnt #cd ../
> /home/raghu # ls mnt/

I wonder is this a feature or bug. If self-heal is performed after
lookup, shouldn't it be triggerd also after ls or cat? If something is
bind to a directory and is presenting it's content after some node is
back, gluster can present nonexisting data. Why?


rash at konto pl

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