[Gluster-users] attempt to run ldap/zimbra on glusterfs fails

Bryan Whitehead driver at megahappy.net
Thu Dec 4 10:18:56 UTC 2008

I have a very simple setup of gluster. I basically have a mirror using
afr on the client side. When I attempt to start zimbra (which begins by
trying to start openldap) I get a weird error:

backend_startup_one: bi_db_open failed! (-1)

I have a functional zimbra setup. What I do is stop zimbra, rsync over
the installation, mv the existing directory aside, then symlink (or
create directory and directly mount from gluster). I cannot get zimbra
to startup. :(


/opt/zimbra is where everything is. Program, data, everything.

/etc/init.d/zimbra stop
time rsync -arv --delete /opt/* /import/gluster1/zimbra/opt/
cd /opt
mv zimbra zimbra.works
ln -s /import/gluster1/zimbra/opt/zimbra
/etc/init.d/zimbra start

if I undo the symlink (or mountpoint/directory) and move the
/opt/zimbra.works back to /opt/zimbra, I can start just fine like
nothing happened.


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