[Gluster-users] GlusterFS replication over WAN

Collin Douglas cbd at adfitech.com
Wed Aug 13 20:29:24 UTC 2008

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How does GlusterFS' AFR translator work over a WAN connection?  I know 
the simple answer is that it depends on the connection what's being 
replicated but I'm interested in understanding how it works in a low 
bandwidth situation.

We are building a new storage model for our imaging system in which 
GlusterFS is a candidate. 

Current design ideas consist of a tier 1 storage where our current 
"pipeline" of active files would be stored and operated on.  Once the 
files are in a relative static state, they would be moved to tier 2 
storage.  It's this tier 2 storage that would need WAN replication.  In 
this way we would limit the amount of data somewhat that has to be 
replicated as the pipeline files are in an almost constant state of flux.

The idea is to have an array on site (let's call it building 1), one 
next door in another building (building 2) and one a few hundred miles 
away.  The local arrays will be connected via Infiniband or fiber and 
the remote one via a 10MB link.

It seems logical that I would want to replicate from building 1 to 
building 2 and then have another AFR configuration at building 2 to 
replicate to the remote site.  Does this fit best practices for 
GlusterFS or should I use more of a hub and spoke method?

I am interested to hear what people think.

Collin Douglas
Adfitech, Inc

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