[Gluster-infra] 2017 Infrastructure Plans

Nigel Babu nigelb at redhat.com
Sat Feb 18 03:03:10 UTC 2017

Hello folks,

I've shared around a document with these plans in January. He's the final draft
of our 2017 plans for Gluster Infrastructure. These are the definite goals we
want to achieve. Michael and I are also working on several other pieces like
moving more builds to our cage machines and continously verify integrity of
builds on downloads.gluster.org. If we think we can achieve those in this year,
we'll send out a modification later.

* Technical Infrastructure Debt
    * Gerrit OS Upgrade [DONE]
    * Gerrit Upgrade
    * Jenkins OS Upgrade
    * Jenkins Upgrade
* Developer Productivity Enhancement
    * Reduce test intermittency (Process for fixing and ownership).
    * Time taken for regression runs - parallel runs.
    * Fix Gerrit-Jenkins integration (especially voting issues).
* Reducing costs
    * Centalized logs from Regression jobs.
    * On-demand VMs for testing
    * Fully automated VM setup, so in case we need more test machines, they connect to Jenkins automatically.
* Building out nightly pipeline
    * Bring all the test results in one place (Glusto, RPMLint, static analysis, coverity scans).
    * Automated builds once the tests pass
    * Automated repo creation and package signing.
    * Process for fixing bustage in the pipeline.
    * Long-term goal - Adopt this for release pipeline.

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