[Gluster-infra] Core pattern change in centos regression machines

Prasanna Kumar Kalever pkalever at redhat.com
Mon Mar 14 13:04:04 UTC 2016


As part of dumping back-trace of core files in console log of jenkins we need executable name,
finding executable name from the corefile is not common across platfoms, hence lets make the
executable name as part of corefile name in all Centos jenkin slaves similar to netbsd slaves.

Currently Core pattern in Netbsd slaves is
# /sbin/sysctl -n kern.defcorename

Lets set same in Centos slaves as well
# /sbin/sysctl -w kernel.core_pattern="/%e-%p.core"

Once the above changes are done in CentOs machines, I shall push a patch to glusterfs-patch-acceptance-tests
making changes needed in regression.sh
-Prasanna ​ 

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