[Gluster-infra] Restricted trigger server for centos and netbsd regression to review.gluster.org

Raghavendra Talur rtalur at redhat.com
Mon Feb 8 07:04:17 UTC 2016


After misc fixed ssl and cert issues on gerrit, jenkins now connects to
review.gluster.org using both the configurations.
1. old one which has name review.gluster.org
2. new one which has review.gluster.org_for_smoke_builds

2 was configured by ndevos for CI work I guess.

CentOS and NetBSD regression jobs were configured to take events from any
server and this resulted in duplicate/concurrent runs for each event from

I have changed the event trigger on these jobs to use only
review.gluster.org. Terminated some of the duplicate builds on jenkins for
the same reason.

Raghavendra Talur
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