[Gluster-infra] [Gluster-devel] NetBSD regressions not being triggered for patches

Michael Scherer mscherer at redhat.com
Fri Jun 12 10:02:43 UTC 2015

Le jeudi 11 juin 2015 à 14:34 +0000, Emmanuel Dreyfus a écrit :
> On Thu, Jun 11, 2015 at 04:04:44PM +0200, Niels de Vos wrote:
> > Michael installed and configured dnsmasq on build.gluster.org yesterday.
> > If that does not help today, we need other ideas...
> Just to confirm the problem:
> [manu at build ~]$ time nslookup nbslave7i.cloud.gluster.org
> ;; connection timed out; trying next origin
> ;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached
> real    0m20.013s
> user    0m0.002s
> sys     0m0.012s
> Having a local cache does not help because upstream DNS service is 
> weak. Without the local cache, individual processes crave for a reply, 
> and with the local server, the local server crave itself crave for
> a reply.
> And here upstream DNS is really at fault: at mine I get a reply in 
> 0.29s.
> We need to configure a local authoritative secondary DNS for the zone, 
> so that the answer is always available locally wihtout having to rely
> on outside's infrastructure.

So, I am not sure I fully follow the issue.

Here, the time nslookup is fast (for now). 
And the dnsmsq cache use google dns rather than iweb provided one.

So when you say "upstream dns server is bad", which one do you mean
exactly ?

( cloud.gluster.org is handled by rackspace, we could move to named
managed locally, but then, this will not be self service anymore )

Michael Scherer
Sysadmin, Community Infrastructure and Platform, OSAS

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