[Gluster-infra] New repository glusterweb created in github

Tuomas Kuosmanen tigert at redhat.com
Tue Apr 14 06:48:05 UTC 2015

> A new repository has been created at [1] to host the web content for
> gluster.org.
> Tuomas and Deb have admin access to this repository.
> The forge repository that hosts the current website (gluster-site) is
> expected to be deprecated soon and we intend operating off github only.
> Tuomas and Deb - can you please update this list and gluster-users once
> migration is complete?

Thanks! We'll do that. 

I'll add a simple structure and some content with the markdown files, 
so we can focus on the content and messaging. I'll add a simple styling 
framework soon too, so we can have consistent styling for separate pages
easily without having everything in one page, since I think we will likely
need that,

I also suggest we add the quickstart installation here for now, since the 
documentation effort needs a work of its own, and we cannot have a site
without installation instructions :) Once the docs are sorted out in 
their own, we can drop our installation instructions in favor of the 
more complete documentation site (docs.gluster.org)


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