[Gluster-infra] Wordpress spam comments increasing... :(

John Mark Walker jowalker at redhat.com
Tue Sep 23 12:43:06 UTC 2014

I think shutting down comments on posts older than a week or two is a good idea.

And if needed, brute force IPTables for the worst offenders.


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> > A lot more comment spam has started hitting our Wordpress
> > installation over the last few days.  Instead of the general
> > 5-10 per day, it's been ramping up to 20-30 a day.  Yesterday
> > we had 100+.  (hoping that will drop off, but doubting it)
> > 
> > We already have the "Akismet" spam prevention plugin installed
> > and activated.  It just seems like it's not doing a great
> > job any more.
> > 
> > Anyone have practical ideas on how to combat this problem?
> Auto-closing posts older than a certain age can help bring those numbers
> back down, without affecting useful discussion.  IIRC this functionality
> now exists in WordPress itself, but if not there are also plugins to do
> it.  Unfortunately, my experience has been that CAPTCHAs don't work very
> well.  It blocks the true bots, but there seem to be a surprising number
> of humans (hired through Amazon Mechanical Turk or similar) who can get
> past any reasonable CAPTCHA.  I ended up using an external comment
> system on an otherwise static site, in part because of the spam.
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