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Deepak Shetty dpkshetty at gmail.com
Thu Nov 27 14:02:32 UTC 2014

On Nov 27, 2014 7:25 PM, "Tuomas Kuosmanen" <tigert at redhat.com> wrote:
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> > From: "Deepak Shetty" <dpkshetty at gmail.com>
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> > IMHO, there are tons of ways you can install GlusterFS
>  [ snipped good list of possibilities ]
> > and many more that i am sure i would have missed ( Just google)
> >
> > Point being, a real good guide should have all these different ways
> > so that gluster.org becomes a single place for people to look for
> > related to gluster deployment!
> Yeah. Nothing beats good documentation.
> What would be good though, is to have a quick way to get Gluster running
> a fairly common and sensible scenario, so that the newcomer does not need
> master all the options and does not have to read the whole breadth of
> to get started.
> Having a smooth get started tutorial and having comprehensive
documentation are
> not exclusive at all, of course.
> We could just as well have an "adventure game" approach: A path you
choose by
> selecting certain scenarios and the end result is hopefully just the right
> installation instructions for your needs.

Yeah, like a wizard, ask Qs ,eg. Install in vm or batemetal etc, then give
rpm install or vagrant choice... Something like that
> > Again, we can just add links to these deployment specific pages or have
> > someone invest time and effort in validating each one of these, putting
> > proper instructions with screen shots for each deployment method and
> > collating all these methods into a nice document that would be priceless
> > for someone new and experienced with gluster deployment. After all its
> > logical & expected for gluster.org to have the best documentation for
> > deploying gluster
> Yeah. I am usually fond of HOWTOs that deal with a certain scenario, that
> be one way to solve this.

Howtos are good too.
> But we need to have something to start with, we can expand it later.
Right now
> there's the directory listing of the file server when you click
> That's a bit rough adventure for a newcomer :)
> We could start from your list of possible installation scenarios, if you
> write up a bit of explanation on each, maybe we can get folks draft the
> on the wiki and we will get a nice set of howto's..?

Well i can talk high level abt each option, but don't have bandwidth to
test each and document steps, if someone volunteers, i can help review the


> //Tuomas
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