[Gluster-infra] quickstart install instructions

Tuomas Kuosmanen tigert at redhat.com
Thu Nov 27 13:55:28 UTC 2014

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> From: "Deepak Shetty" <dpkshetty at gmail.com>
> IMHO, there are tons of ways you can install GlusterFS
 [ snipped good list of possibilities ]
> and many more that i am sure i would have missed ( Just google)
> Point being, a real good guide should have all these different ways listed
> so that gluster.org becomes a single place for people to look for anything
> related to gluster deployment!

Yeah. Nothing beats good documentation.

What would be good though, is to have a quick way to get Gluster running in
a fairly common and sensible scenario, so that the newcomer does not need to
master all the options and does not have to read the whole breadth of documentation
to get started.

Having a smooth get started tutorial and having comprehensive documentation are
not exclusive at all, of course. 

We could just as well have an "adventure game" approach: A path you choose by
selecting certain scenarios and the end result is hopefully just the right 
installation instructions for your needs.

> Again, we can just add links to these deployment specific pages or have
> someone invest time and effort in validating each one of these, putting
> proper instructions with screen shots for each deployment method and
> collating all these methods into a nice document that would be priceless
> for someone new and experienced with gluster deployment. After all its
> logical & expected for gluster.org to have the best documentation for
> deploying gluster

Yeah. I am usually fond of HOWTOs that deal with a certain scenario, that would
be one way to solve this.

But we need to have something to start with, we can expand it later. Right now
there's the directory listing of the file server when you click "Download".
That's a bit rough adventure for a newcomer :)

We could start from your list of possible installation scenarios, if you can
write up a bit of explanation on each, maybe we can get folks draft the content
on the wiki and we will get a nice set of howto's..?


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