[Gluster-infra] Putting smoke/regression scripting into git

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Sun Mar 23 11:42:03 UTC 2014

On 23/03/2014, at 8:08 AM, Vijay Bellur wrote:
> On 03/23/2014 12:40 AM, Justin Clift wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Would anyone object to having the contents of the
>> /opt/qa/ directory on build.gluster.org, put into git?
>> (eg our smoke and regression test launching scripts)
>> Thinking to put it in a project on the forge, so it's
>> easy for other people to clone for their own setups.
> Sounds like a good idea. We could exclude the tools/ directory in /opt/qa.

Interesting.  Looking into the tools directory in more depth,
our "posix-compliance" come from an older release candidate of
the FreeBSD "fstest" tools.


There's a more recently tarball on its website:


For the most recent code possible, there are two potential upstream
source repos.  The best candidate seems like the FreeBSD "pjdfstest"
dir in the FreeBSD sources:


The original author, Pawel Jakub Dawidek, also has a repo for it
on GitHub, but it doesn't seem to receive updates as often as the
FreeBSD one.


Tried the above FreeBSD source repo with our smoke tests, by
swapping out our posix-compliance dir with the newer code.

There were a bunch of failures (log attached), but I haven't
investigated them and won't have time to.  We'd need to resolve
these if we wan't to use the newer code.

Note - If anyone has the time/inclination to look into the
failures, the complete updated tools/ dir I used is in git here:


For now, we should probably use the existing ones when we put
our qa stuff on the forge.

Thoughts? :)

+ Justin

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