[Gluster-infra] misc has remote root access to review.gluster.org now

Justin Clift justin at gluster.org
Tue Jun 24 18:42:44 UTC 2014

On 24/06/2014, at 7:34 PM, Jeff Darcy wrote:
>> Just gave remote root access to Michael Scherer (misc) for
>> review.gluster.org.
>> He's agreed to create the replacement for review.gluster.org,
>> which is badly outdated.
> In what ways will the replacement be different?  I'm guessing a
> new host with newer versions of OS and Gerrit+dependencies.  Is
> anything else planned?

That's pretty much the size of it.  There seems to be other
software installed on the review.gluster.org host as well too,
which will need dealing with appropriately too.

 * Mediawiki  <-- our Community docs instance?
 * Mailman  (no idea)
 * reviewboard (no idea)

If you have ideas/suggestions, now's the time to bring them
up. :)

+ Justin

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