[Gluster-infra] New Gluster community documentation and infrastructure IRC meeting

Eco Willson ewillson at redhat.com
Thu Aug 16 15:26:54 PDT 2012


We are working on providing some additions to our documentation with a
focus on enabling new users, and compiling a lot of the tribal knowledge
into a single place for people to read, review and revise.  Some needs
this effort is intended to address:

  * Showcase common best practices, that aren't always commonly known
  * Aggregate the most common troubleshooting and configuration
    questions into one location
  * Give new users an easy way to get up to speed with Gluster
  * Provide a community driven set of standard configurations for
    implementing Gluster in various ways, such as for use with web servers
  * How To's, Tips and Tricks intended to help expedite setting up
    various components of Gluster

A lot of what you will see here initially may be things you already have
seen on the mailing list or in the IRC channel.  So why do it?  We see a
clear need for a place where new users can get educated on Gluster
concepts and implementation.  Getting new users up to speed faster means
getting more meaningful contributions faster as well.  And lets' not
forget all the hard work put in by glusterbot!  Secondly, as you may
know, we are currently looking into changing some of the functionality
of the community site (keep reading if this is news to you, or if you
want to know how to contribute).  This will be a great place to
aggregate information during any transitional periods that may be required.

For those of you whose ears and/or eyes perked up at the mention of
contributing to the community site, we invite you to join us tonight at
10PM Eastern in the #gluster-meeting channel.  Tonight we continue
discussion on how to drive more community centered documentation going
forward, as well as discuss what technologies we can use in place of
some of our existing infrastructure. 

Thanks, and looking forward to seeing you tonight,


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