[Gluster-devel] Pull Request review workflow

Xavi Hernandez xhernandez at redhat.com
Thu Oct 15 10:33:05 UTC 2020

Hi all,

after the recent switch to GitHub, I've seen that reviews that require
multiple iterations are hard to follow using the old workflow we were using
in Gerrit.

Till now we basically amended the commit and pushed it again. Gerrit had a
feature to calculate diffs between versions of the patch, so it was
relatively easy to follow the changes between iterations (unless there was
a big change in the base branch and the patch was rebased).

In GitHub we don't have this feature (at least I haven't seen it). So I'm
proposing to change this workflow.

The idea is to create a PR with the initial commit. When a modification
needs to be done as a result of the review, instead of amending the
existing commit, we should create a new commit. From the review tool in
GitHub it's very easy to check individual commits.

Once the review is finished, the patch will be merged with the "Squash and
Merge" option, that will combine all the commits into a single one before
merging, so the end result will be exactly the same we had with Gerrit.

Another thing to consider is that rfc.sh script always does a rebase before
pushing changes. This rewrites history and changes all commits of a PR. I
think we shouldn't do a rebase in rfc.sh. Only if there are conflicts, I
would do a manual rebase and push the changes.

What do you think ?


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