[Gluster-devel] Introducing me, questions on general improvements in gluster re. latency and throughput

Federico Strati strati.federico at gmail.com
Thu Jun 11 07:51:52 UTC 2020

Dear All,

I just started working for a company named A3Cube, who produces HPC 

I was assigned the task to investigate which improvements to gluster are 

in order to lead to overall better performance in latency and throughput.

I'm quite new to SDS and so pardon me if some questions are naive.

 From what I've understood so far, possible bottlenecks are

in FUSE and transport.

Generally speaking, if you have time to just drop me some pointers,

1] FUSE + splice has never been considered (issue closed without real 

(probably because it conflicts with the general architecture and in 

with the write-behind translator)

Recently, it has been announced a new userspace fs kernel module, ZUFS, 
whose aim

is to zero copy and improving vastly over FUSE: would you be interested

in investigating it ?

(ZUFS: https://github.com/NetApp/zufs-zuf ; 

2] Transport over RDMA (Infiniband) has been recently dropped:

may I ask you what considerations have been made ?

3] I would love to hear what you consider real bottlenecks in gluster

right now regarding latency and thruput.

Thanks in advance

Kind regards


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