[Gluster-devel] test failure reports for last 15 days

Atin Mukherjee amukherj at redhat.com
Wed Apr 10 13:59:28 UTC 2019

And now for last 15 days:


./tests/bitrot/bug-1373520.t     18  ==> Fixed through
https://review.gluster.org/#/c/glusterfs/+/22481/, I don't see this failing
in brick mux post 5th April
./tests/bugs/ec/bug-1236065.t     17  ==> happens only in brick mux, needs
./tests/basic/uss.t             15  ==> happens in both brick mux and non
brick mux runs, test just simply times out. Needs urgent analysis.
./tests/basic/ec/ec-fix-openfd.t 13  ==> Fixed through
https://review.gluster.org/#/c/22508/ , patch merged today.
./tests/basic/volfile-sanity.t      8  ==> Some race, though this succeeds
in second attempt every time.

There're plenty more with 5 instances of failure from many tests. We need
all maintainers/owners to look through these failures and fix them, we
certainly don't want to get into a stage where master is unstable and we
have to lock down the merges till all these failures are resolved. So
please help.

(Please note fstat stats show up the retries as failures too which in a way
is right)

On Tue, Feb 26, 2019 at 5:27 PM Atin Mukherjee <amukherj at redhat.com> wrote:

> [1] captures the test failures report since last 30 days and we'd need
> volunteers/component owners to see why the number of failures are so high
> against few tests.
> [1]
> https://fstat.gluster.org/summary?start_date=2019-01-26&end_date=2019-02-25&job=all
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