[Gluster-devel] [ovirt-users] oVirt Survey 2019 results

Sahina Bose sabose at redhat.com
Tue Apr 2 09:45:57 UTC 2019

On Tue, Apr 2, 2019 at 12:07 PM Sandro Bonazzola <sbonazzo at redhat.com>

> Thanks to the 143 participants to oVirt Survey 2019!
> The survey is now closed and results are publicly available at
> https://bit.ly/2JYlI7U
> We'll analyze collected data in order to improve oVirt thanks to your
> feedback.
> As a first step after reading the results I'd like to invite the 30
> persons who replied they're willing to contribute code to send an email to
> devel at ovirt.org introducing themselves: we'll be more than happy to
> welcome them and helping them getting started.
> I would also like to invite the 17 people who replied they'd like to help
> organizing oVirt events in their area to either get in touch with me or
> introduce themselves to users at ovirt.org so we can discuss about events
> organization.
> Last but not least I'd like to invite the 38 people willing to contribute
> documentation and the one willing to contribute localization to introduce
> themselves to devel at ovirt.org.

Thank you all for the feedback.
I was looking at the feedback specific to Gluster. While it's disheartening
to see "Gluster weakest link in oVirt", I can understand where the feedback
and frustration is coming from.

Over the past month and in this survey, the common themes that have come up
- Ensure smoother upgrades for the hyperconverged deployments with
GlusterFS.  The oVirt 4.3 release with upgrade to gluster 5.3 caused
disruption for many users and we want to ensure this does not happen again.
To this end, we are working on adding upgrade tests to OST based CI .
Contributions are welcome.

- improve performance on gluster storage domain. While we have seen
promising results with gluster 6 release this is an ongoing effort. Please
help this effort with inputs on the specific workloads and usecases that
you run, gathering data and running tests.

- deployment issues. We have worked to improve the deployment flow in 4.3
by adding pre-checks and changing to gluster-ansible role based deployment.
We would love to hear specific issues that you're facing around this -
please raise bugs if you haven't already (

> Thanks!
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