[Gluster-devel] Compile Xlator manually with lib 'glusterfs'

David Spisla spisla80 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 11:12:13 UTC 2018

Hi folks,
I am trying some stuff with xlator compiling and at the moment I use a
Makefile according to this manual:

There is a Lib called 'glusterfs' which is used by the Linker to create the
so file. This refers to a package 'glusterfs-api-devel' which has to be
installed when using that Lib in the Makefile. One will have a folder
/usr/include/glusterfs which contains a lot of Header files from the
Gluster Source.

In my opinion all the Header files inside there are also in the GLFS Source
Tree and one doesn't need that library to compile xlators to so files. If I
remove that library in the Makefile the compilation succeed and the xlator
is running correctly.

If I want to compile a xlator without the GLFS Source Tree by using only
that 'glusterfs-api-devel' the compiler misses a lot of sources.

But what is the meaning of that library now? Is the manual linked above
At the moment I prefer not using that 'glusterfs' library and compile only
from the GLFS Soruce Tree.

David Spisla
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