[Gluster-devel] Master branch lock down: RCA for tests (testname.t)

Shyam Ranganathan srangana at redhat.com
Mon Aug 13 20:35:14 UTC 2018

On 08/12/2018 08:42 PM, Shyam Ranganathan wrote:
> As a means of keeping the focus going and squashing the remaining tests
> that were failing sporadically, request each test/component owner to,
> - respond to this mail changing the subject (testname.t) to the test
> name that they are responding to (adding more than one in case they have
> the same RCA)
> - with the current RCA and status of the same
> List of tests and current owners as per the spreadsheet that we were
> tracking are:

The following were changes to run-tests or infra to enable better
debugging of tests, covering them as well in the RCA thread.

@nigel, @atin, add any that I missed out.

1) line-coverage tests now run with a default timeout of 300 seconds
(covered in this mail:
https://lists.gluster.org/pipermail/gluster-devel/2018-August/055262.html )

2) Tests retried now save their logs in a separate tarball named after
the test and a timestamp (around when it fails), enables better
debugging of retried tests

See: https://review.gluster.org/c/glusterfs/+/20682

3) (UNSOLVED) tests that timeout still do not stash their logs away,
reproducible on local systems as well, need to close this out soon to
enable debugging those retries as well.

4) lcov tests were reporting as failed in Jenkins, on successful runs.
This is now corrected.

See: https://review.gluster.org/c/build-jobs/+/20715


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