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On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 3:53 AM, Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay <
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> On Thu, Oct 26, 2017 at 2:24 AM, Marcin Dulak <marcin.dulak at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > since people are suggesting nagios then I can't resist suggesting
> exporting
> > the metrics in the prometheus format,
> > or at least making the project into a library so
> > https://github.com/prometheus/client_python could be used to export the
> > prometheus metrics.
> > There has been an attempt at https://github.com/ofesseler/
> gluster_exporter
> > but it is not maintained anymore.
> >
> There is an on-going effort which provides a monitoring dashboard for
> a Gluster cluster. Some detail at
> <https://github.com/Tendrl/documentation/wiki/Metrics> At present the
> stack is not consuming Prometheus, however, the team is looking at
> switching over so as to make a more malleable dashboard. There is of
> course a Gitter channel at <https://gitter.im/Tendrl/tendrl-devel>
> Install+configure instructions for the latest release are at
> <https://github.com/Tendrl/documentation/wiki/Tendrl-
> release-v1.5.3-(install-guide)>
Thanks Sankarshan for this.

The goal of 'health-report' tool is not 'monitoring'. There are better
tools which do that
well, for instance with Gluster, that would be Tendrl (
https://github.com/Tendrl/). Mainly
because one run of health-report may take few minutes if we add more checks
Where as a monitoring service would be collecting data in every few seconds
causing any stress on the machine, or gluster volume.

Goal of the health-report tool is to run it once a day (just as status
check, if you don't
have monitoring setup). or to run it when an issue happens, so that we
don't miss
analyzing something obvious. Hope that is clear.

For anyone who plan to use monitoring, please follow Tendrl project. Also,
if you are at
Gluster Summit happening tomorrow and day after, you can see the demo of
Tendrl + Gluster.


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