[Gluster-devel] Change #18681 has broken build on master

Nigel Babu nigelb at redhat.com
Wed Nov 8 06:25:46 UTC 2017

I can try to explain what happened. For instance, here's a git tree. Each
alphabet represents a commit.

A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F (F is the HEAD of master. green builds)

Change X branched off at B
A -> B -> X (green builds)

Change Y branched off at D
A -> B -> C -> D -> Y (green builds)

Now if change X and Y do not work together, for instance, if change X
introduced a new parameter for a function. They also do not conflict with
each other. First change Y lands.

So history now looks like this:

A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> Y (green builds)

Now change X lands:

A -> B -> C -> D -> E -> F -> Y -> Z (red builds)

Because change Z touched a function whose signature had changed in change
Y. If this doesn't make sense, please have a look at this:

Using a gating system is the most likely solution to our problem. Right
now, adding a gating solution without reducing how much time our tests take
is pointless.

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