[Gluster-devel] Gluster volume snapshot - Invitation to edit

Mark Ferrell major at homeonderanged.org
Wed Mar 22 17:19:01 UTC 2017

I currently have 2 branches related to snapshots on GlusterFS.

Based code from Sriram that I found on GitHub, though I removed the ZFS
code from Sriram's patches and created this LVM-only branch. Subsequent
changes to this branch where done i response to changes necessary to
implement support for btrfs snapshots (and cleanup a memory leak in the
missed-snapshot code)...

This code is branched from my lvm-snapshot-cleanup branch and is directly
dependant on the changes contained there-in.

Both of these branches are currently in-flux, and I have been performing
regular rebasing against the GlusterFS master branch.

Btrfs snapshots currently work and have been tested on Ubuntu 16.04, though
the process for configuring btrfs for gluster snapshots has not yet been

Required interfaces to support hard-coded snapshot support can be found:

It should be relatively straight-forward to package up these interfaces
into a structure of function pointers and allow glusterd to itterate the
array firing off the glusterd_is_<type>_brick() function at the path to
figure out which subsystem to use.
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